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Welcome to the web site of The Other Side. Here you can find all the latest music, videos, news etc. Find out what makes us what we are, what equipment we use and what we're up to next. If you do sign up, we promise not spam your E-mail and you can download some free songs. 

A Video put together by Dust Miller @live from west fife

What people are saying about us:

Come the revolution I wouldn't mind seeing a berserker riding into battle on behalf of the people to the accompaniment of The Other Side being blasted out as the call to arms.
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It's a **** thing

he perfect closer to what's been a completely faultless album, one that any fan of vintage rock and blues-rock taken kicking and screaming into the 21st century, is going to love and relish for years to come.
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Andy Gee at The Sound

'Anger Is A Gift' opens in a very ZZ Top mode, but once again displays the band's love of anarcho-punk, particularly in its venomous lyric, and the song is blessed with a series of stunning, bluesy solos.
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